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Any company, including yours, can face various legal issues in its operations. Find the expert assistance you need to address such stressful situations by reaching out to our legal consulting firm. New York City clients and those in the Tri-State area turn to Forensic Economic Damages when they need help handling cases involving the following:

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Employment Discrimination

Professional Malpractice

You can always count on us to provide comprehensive strategy consulting to law firms. Our highly trained consultants specialize in conducting thorough economic evaluation and statistical analysis. With our help, you can gain a fresh perspective on your organization and learn innovative ideas to help you focus on achieving the best results.

We take great pride in being a premier consulting lawyer firm that assists our clientele in making data-driven decisions. In addition, we increase the profitability of high-volume, low-complexity legal work. We also guide our clients in having a better understanding of how legislation impacts the future of their respective businesses.

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Forensic Economic Damages employs experienced specialists who give you the personalized attention you need. Our team of gifted and uniquely motivated individuals is diligent, systematic, and conscientious in everything they do. Since we started in 2001, we have been a morally upright company with a strong desire to succeed in our field.

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