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If you are looking for Economics and Statistical Analysis experts, call us today for a free consultation or send us an email to see how we can support the litigation of your current case(s).

Our extended group of team members are uniquely motivated and gifted professionals. They are diligent, systematic, conscientious. They possess integrity of character, a pleasant personality, a high sense of morality and a keen interest in their discipline. You will find it a pleasure working with them.

Associates of the firm and its extended team have

1) graduate degrees from top academic institutions,
2) Forensic Economics work experience of over fifteen years,
3) Forensic Economics and Statistics teaching experience at the university level of over ten years,
4) Computational and Applied Mathematics teaching experience at the university level of over ten years,
5) Actuarial/Financial Mathematics work experience of over thirty years,
6) Financial Analysis and Accounting work experience of over fifteen years, and
7) published books and scholarly papers at peer reviewed academic journals for over twenty-five years.

Our team of experts computes economic damages on cases of

1) personal injury,
2) wrongful death,
3) malpractice,
4) commercial losses, and
5) employment discrimination.

We also conduct statistical analysis of employment data in employment discrimination disputes concerning

a) disparate treatment and/or
b) disparate impact.

This is accomplished by performing tasks of

1) modeling
2) computing
3) analyzing
4) interpreting
5) reporting, and
6) testifying on their findings.

Our experts will support the litigation of your case(s) with:

1) accurate forensic econometrics methodology,
2) dependable computational mathematical and statistical skills,
3) reliable research capabilities at a Ph.D. level of expertise,
4) extensive writing and reporting experience of research findings for peered review forums, and
5) impeccable oral communication skills.

Forensic Economic Damages